Thank you for your interest in joining our team, to help women and  men across South Africa  to become  a better and healthier individual by using our amazing products. With this opportunity you will also be able to make an extra income and use the product yourself buying it at cost price. You will be guided and helped through this journey with daily assistance. There is NO SIGN-UP FEE to join this amazing initiative; all you have to do is start advertising and selling!! There is no pyramid scheme involved, what you make is yours, and you determine how much you make per month by how hard you work to get sales in monthly/daily.

Terms & Conditions

Down Size Slimming hereby give representatives the right to work as a DSS Representative by selling the products as mentioned in Annexure A.

As a Representative of Down Size Slimming you can forfeit your rights to market & sell DSS products in the event that you:

  1. Overcharge or scam clients under the Down Size Slimming business name;
  2. Misrepresent Down Size Slimming products in any way;
  3. Market and sell slimming products OTHER than that of Down Size Slimming (you need to show trust in the products that you sell – it is a conflict of interest if you sell other slimming products);
  4. Contact the supplier or other Agents of Down Size Slimming directly without your Agent’s consent;
  5. DO NOT adhere to any of the Terms and Conditions.

Your association with Down Size Slimming, may be terminated either by yourself, your agent or DSS Head Office at any time. Circumstances that may lead to termination of your contract, include (but are not limited) to the following:

Inactivity: If you do not submit an order for two consecutive months you are considered inactive and will automatically be removed.

Inappropriate Actions: If you act in violation of, or in ways inconsistent with your DSS Representative contract or any of the Terms and Conditions, you may be removed.

Management Decision: DSS in its sole discretion always reserves the right to terminate its association with a Representative at any time for any or no reason in its sole discretion.

Follow the steps below on how to place an order:

  1. Receive order from your client.
  2. Invoice your client according to the products ordered.
  3. Clearly state that your client should send you a PROOF OF PAYMENT (POP) when making payment. Without the proof of payment, YOU WILL NOT be able to place the order (this is to protect yourself as Representative and DSS).
  4. Send the order details together with your client’s name and surname, delivery address, contact number and proof of payment to your agent.
  5. Products will only be released as soon as the payment reflects in our bank account.
  6. You will receive a waybill from your agent for your client’s order which you can forward to your client for tracking purposes.
  7. Your client will receive the parcel within 2 – 3 working days, depending on the area.
  8. If you as Representative prefer to personally deliver the products to your clients, then please deliver within 24 hours after you received the products.
  9. All orders must be in the following format:
    1. Name & Surname of client
    2. Contact number
    3. Full delivery address + postal code of where the parcel should be delivered

Delivery takes place between 2 – 3 working days after your parcel has been released, provided that your order is placed before 09:00 to 11:00 daily. Deliveries take place from Mondays to Fridays.
Deliveries are sent via:

  • The Courier Guy (; or
  • We Courier It (

Representatives have the responsibility to track and respond to clients regarding their parcels.

Courier Fee on ALL orders are R65

You are NOT allowed to create your own advertisement & flyer designs with regard to Slender Living products. Down Size Slimming will send marketing material out every week.

You are NOT allowed to post prices on any social media platform.

Please note that the Gummy Berry Juice available from Down Size Slimming is the ORIGINAL and not a fake! All our clients’ results speak for themselves and
you will not have trouble selling products.

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