Down Size Slimming – PRE WORKOUT



Pre Workout Available in three flavours

  • Cherry Popper
  • Electric Blue
  • Power Punch
  • 30 Servings

You probably already know what it feels like when you run out of energy. It can be really hard to keep the motivation up to finish. Having a Skull Pre-Workout can help to improve your focus, help you to preserve lean muscle mass and it can help support the body’s ability to recover as well.

Preworkout drinks are a solid, highly beneficial tool when it comes to enhancing your workout, and improving your overall muscle building results (and giving it the support it needs to repair and rebuild).


1 Tablespoon per serving

Mix in 250ml water. if you don’t like the sweet taste you can use 300ml to 350ml water.

Down Size Slimming – PRE WORKOUT
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